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SmartMax Magnetic Playset Start 23 Set (23 pieces) Age 1+

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  • Build a variety of simple structures with the brightly-coloured, large, safe components. Magnets act like magic With "TRY-ME" feature
  • All SmartMax sets work together, for added play value!
  • SmartMax enhances several important skills such as hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and boosts creativity too.

The Start+ set includes 12 medium bars, 3 long bars,  8 metal balls and a guide to help children get started before their imagination takes over.

The bars are cleverly colour coded, with cold colours having their north poles directed outwards whereas the warm colours have their south pole directed outwards. This means cold and warm coloured bars will connect together (as unlike poles attract) but other combinations will repel.

The long bars can also lift more weight or make stronger connections as the magnets in them are stronger than the magnets in the smaller bars.

SmartMax sets are all compatible with each other and have been designed with young children in mind, resulting in oversized and easy to handle pieces with no parts smaller than 3 cm. The parts are all glued and ultrasonicly welded together, making them very strong and virtually unbreakable by children.

  • Safe and Durable
  • Compatible with all other SmartMax sets
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination
  • Approximate box dimensions: 43cm x 35cm x 6cm
  • Ages 1+

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