SmartMax Magnetic Playset Playground XL - 46 Piece Set (3+)
Pierre Belvedere

SmartMax Magnetic Playset Playground XL - 46 Piece Set (3+)

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This game set, "Playground XL", lets small builders show off large inventions. There are an infinite number of possible variations, children's imagination decides! Comes with 46 large pieces. For Ages 3 and up.

 In today's age of iPads and Computers, kids no longer learn how to build and imagine. This magnetic discovery set brings imagination back into childrens' lives. SmartMax is the magnetic discovery concept that allows children, even from a very early age, to experience both the wonders of magnetism and the fascinating world of construction in a safe way. The extra-large pieces make it easy for small children to manipulate them. The magnets have the ideal strength for easy assembly and breakdown of constructions. Outstanding, colorfully-illustrated guides in each set demonstrate the basics of magnetic phenomena, ways to strengthen structures, steps in building towers and bridges, and much more. Most importantly, children thrive on the creative satisfaction of dreaming up their own wonderfully imaginative magnetic assemblies! Build a large, dynamic 3-D structure with straight bars and curved tunnels, drop balls at the top, and hear and watch them roll to the bottom, as they disappear and reappear along the way. With multiple building options and a colourful instruction guide for added inspiration… how exciting!

The bars are cleverly colour coded, with cold colours having their north poles directed outwards whereas the warm colours have their south pole directed outwards. This means cold and warm coloured bars will connect together (as unlike poles attract) but other combinations will repel.

The long bars can also lift more weight or make stronger connections as the magnets in them are stronger than the magnets in the smaller bars.

SmartMax sets are all compatible with each other and have been designed with young children in mind, resulting in oversized and easy to handle pieces with no parts smaller than 3 cm. The parts are all glued and ultrasonicly welded together, making them very strong and virtually unbreakable by children.

  • Safe and Durable
  • Compatible with all other SmartMax sets
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination
  • Approximate box dimensions: 22.4 x 3.7 x 14 inches
  • Ages 3+

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