Schleich Bayala Mermaid Annabelle 70552

Schleich Bayala Mermaid Annabelle 70552

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Annabelle makes the most beautiful jewellery in all Meamare. She gives all the mermaids unique necklaces and earrings as gifts.

Annabelle has found a mysterious pearl inside a starfish. She is always looking for unique objects that she can make into wonderful pieces of jewellery. All the mermaids love her bracelets, necklaces and earrings. And nothing makes Annabelle happier than finishing a piece of jewellery and giving it to someone as a gift.

Fun fact

Annabelle knows secret places where you can find the most beautiful seashells and starfish.


  • With a moveable arm!

  • Removable accessory!


1 x mermaid, 1 x starfish

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