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Perplexors Deductive Puzzles - Work Book / Math Logics Project for Ages 8+

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Sharpen kids’ deductive reasoning skills with these challenging logic puzzles that feature popular STEM subjects. Each puzzle categorizes information and lists clues below. By using the "cross-out-and-circle" technique, kids will practice logical thinking in order to find the correct answer. Each book includes 50 full-page puzzles with solutions. Printed in the USA.

Each story problem is solved using deductive logic: kids read each scenario and use the clues to solve the story’s results using process of elimination.

  • GREAT STEM PRACTICE: MindWare’s STEM Perplexor series is great practice for standardized tests using story problems about STEM subjects with more complex deductions.
  • CHALLENGING PUZZLES: Each book in MindWare’s STEM Perplexors logic puzzle book series increases in difficulty. Level D is perfect practice for grades 7 and up. Solutions are included.
  • INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP USE: Individual puzzles are great exercise for classroom use. They make fun activities for sharpening math skills over summer vacation or a long trip. All puzzles are reproducible.
  • INCLUDES: (1) STEM Perplexors: Level D book. Paperback; 50 puzzles. (For grades 7 and up)

ANIMALS -  are joining the best-selling Perplexors! Animal Perplexors are unique in the Perplexors series as they provide fun animal facts while testing logic skills. By using the "cross-out-and-circle" technique, you will practice logical thinking in order to find the correct answer. Animal Perplexors Level D (Grades 7 and up) includes 48 full-page brainteasers with solutions. This book is reproducible for single-classroom use. Printed in the USA. Ages 11 and up


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