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Number Problems Puzzles - Work Book / Math Project for Ages 6+

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Algebra Antics -

Presenting algebra exercises in which FUN is the "unknown quantity!" Each page features 12 to 24 skill-building algebra problems. After students have simplified expressions or solved equations, the answers provide clues for drawing lines to reveal a secret picture in the coordinate grid. Algebra Antics is a unique and fresh approach to algebra practice; great for students who enjoy visual challenges and direct feedback.

Double Digit Decoders - 
Fun puzzle books that do more than reinforce math facts: They take students on adventures big and small! Students solve addition problems and use the answers to plot their way north, east, south and west. At the end of the path is a pot of gold, a secret message or a missing pet lizard. Each book has 30 puzzles sure to intrigue young math students. 44 pages each. Reproducible. Ages 5-10.
Subtraction Secrets - 
These mathematical treasure hunts help kids practice simple arithmetic equations. In Subtraction Secrets and Addition Adventures, use the answers to travel North, South, East and West on a map, which leads to an exciting and educational path of learning.30 exercises per book; solutions included. 44 pages each. Reproducible. Ages 5 to 10.


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