Manimo Weighted Animals - Promotes Calmness, Rest and Concentration

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manimo weighted animals are a sensory tool that benefit all children, but especially those with ADD, ADHD, ASD, anxiety or other disorders. Their benefits include:

  • Bringing children comfort
  • Helping children pay attention and focus
  • Calming excess energy
  • Being invaluable helpers for parents (and all who work with children)


These loveable companions are a comfort to children both in times of stress and when relaxing. They can be used at all times and in almost all places:

  • At home (naptime, homework, bedtime, to settle down)
  • At school (to relax and concentrate)
  • Before or during a school or after-school activity (ease anxiety before or during class)
  • Before or during an outing, family activity or appointment (non-recurring anxiety-inducing event)


Early childhood professionals, parents and teachers have long requested such a tool. Children with a learning difficulty or behavioural problem have to “get centred” to do their best. The animal’s weight helps by :

  • Giving the child better spatial awareness
  • Calming the nervous system, which:
    • Regulates behaviour and emotions
    • Makes it easier to concentrate

Adorable and eye-catching, manimo animals spark the imagination. By soothing and comforting, they help children reach their full potential. And they are always happy to get a big hug.


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