Grobag Sleep Sack 2.5 Tog Bird (Travel)

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An exclusive design collaboration, this Grobag features a charming all over bird print.
  • Underarm poppers on 0-6 months
  • Fits a 5 point travel harness, 2 way front zip
  • 100% jersey cotton outer and super-soft jersey cotton lining
  • Quick-dry polyester filling on the 2.5 tog
  • Zip-click® feature on all sizes
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat
  • British Standard Approved

      What is a Grobag?

      The Grobag Baby Sleep Bag is a “wearable blanket” designed for babies to be used instead of traditional blankets and sheets. Baby Sleep Bags have a neck opening and armholes and are therefore “worn” by the baby to help the baby stay at the right temperature through the night without the problem of traditional blankets and sheets being kicked off or getting tangled up. Your baby will sleep more safely and soundly and you will get a more peaceful sleep knowing your baby is comfortable when you put him/her to bed in the Grobag Baby Sleep Bag.

      In addition to promoting a safer sleep environment and helping reduce the risk of SIDS, the Grobag prevents your baby from kicking off his/her blankets during the night, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your baby is covered and comfy throughout the night.

      Available in three different tog ratings, three sizes, and a great selection of fabrics and designs, you can choose the Grobag Baby Sleep Bag that is right for you, your baby, and your nursery environment. Every Grobag even comes with a handy room thermometer that helps you determine which tog rating is most appropriate for your nursery!

      With a Grobag Baby Sleep Bag every element has been carefully designed to ensure it is as safe and comfortable as possible. A Baby Sleep Bag by any other name is not a Grobag.

      The Grobag features:

      • Chin guard at the top of the zipper to prevent rubbing
      • Zipper guard on the inside of the zipper
      • Zip-click® cover stops adventurous little ones from opening their zippers (18–36 month size only)
      • Zipper opens from the bottom so that little fingers cannot easily tug the puller
      • Front or side zippers available (varies by design of sleeping bag)
      • Two way zippers for travel baby sleeping bags (on selected designs)
      • Double snap system for extra security (on selected designs)
      • Under arm snaps to adjust the size for small babies (0–6 month size only)
      • Suitable for use from 3.2 kg/7 lbs (0–6 mth size)
      Approximate child age Minimum child weight Maximum child length
      0-6 months 4kg / 8lb 8oz 68cm / 27"
      6-18 months 8.1kg / 18lb 86cm / 34"
      18-36 month 11.4kg / 25lb 98cm / 39"
      3-6 years 53.5cm chest 116cm / 46"
      Grobags come in a variety of warmth ratings (togs):
        2.5 TOG All year round (for standard room temperatures of 16-20°C
      1.0 TOG Perfect for summer and daytime naps (warmer weather and in rooms of 21-23°C)
      0.5 TOG Ideal for holidays and heatwaves (hot weather and very warm rooms of 24-27°C







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