Green Science Potato Clock

Green Science Potato Clock

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Can you really make a clock work using something other than batteries? Of course, with the help of this cool kit! Use the digital clock with wires, pots, connecting wire, transparent tapes, copper and zinc strips, and detailed instructions included to create a real working digital clock powered by potatoes! Experiment with other food and drinks too and see how many wacky ways you can make the clock work! (Potatoes and other foods not included). Have fun while you construct and learn with this cool Potato Clock!

What you'll get:

  • clock with wires
  • pots
  • connecting wire
  • transparent tapes
  • copper and zinc strips
  • detailed instructions
  • just add potatoes

    Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

    • Hands on learning using an electrochemical cell.
    • Observe an oxidation/reduction reaction.
    • Compare and contrast what happens when you try potatoes versus other fruits. Chart your results.

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