Crystal Growing Kit

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Grow colourful crystals in the container provided. It's a fun, sparkling chemistry experiment.

Contains one large bag of crystal base compound, one small bag of colour seeding mixture, one clear container with cover, one spoon and detailed instructions.

The crystals will grow to approximately 5cm (2 inches) in diameter, and 4cm (1.5 inches) high. The size, shape and colour will vary depending on experimental conditions.

Please note that Growing Crystals come in an assortment of colours (white, blue, red). Each crystal is randomly selected at the time of shipping.

  • Includes: Large bag containing white crystals (Monoammonium Phosphate), Crystal base, Transparent crystal stand, Container, Stirring spoon, Detailed instructions.
  • Also needed, but not included in this kit: a jar of steaming hot water, an apron, protective goggles, and rubber gloves.
  • The Contents are for growing 1 crystal. The crystal will grow to a diameter of approximately 5cm and a height of approximately 4cm.
  • Age 10 +

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