Calico Critters Mango Monkey Family
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Calico Critters Mango Monkey Family

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The Calico Critters Mango Monkey Family consists of three monkey figures. The father, Phil is a botanist who likes studying plants and flowers. The mother, Kemely is an artist who enjoys drawing flowers and decorating cakes. The daughter, Leyla is a talented gymnast who is great at swinging, balancing and jumping!

Calico Critters are designed with remarkable attention to detail. Each Critter has soft textured flocked "fur" and beautiful hand-made clothing. The family Critters and triplets are pose able, with jointed arms and legs, and heads that turn. Twins have heads that turn. Parents are approximately 3 Inch tall, brothers and sisters are 2.25 Inch tall, triplets are 1.75 Inch tall, and twins are 1.25 Inch tall. Sets mix and match. Build a whole Calico Critters village. Collect them all!



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