Ban Bao

BanBao 6132 - Trendy Beach Water Plane- 178 Pieces

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It's a beautiful day at Trendy Beach. The sun is shining and there's barely wind everybody has a good time. Today you have decided to fly with your beautiful seaplane. You fly a little piece above the water and impress the people on the coast. This is really super. Your plane is completely pink in color and has a very beautiful stickers. In the distance dolphins jumps out of the water, your day could not be better. Build the seaplane with the BanBao building blocks and enjoy hours of fun.

Suitable for ages 5 and older.

BanBao is an educational building block toy for children for ages 5 to 16. It is made from the same material as comparable building block toys, and is totally compatible with other sets. It contributes to the educational development of your children, and is fun and colourful! There are a wide range of styles and price points available for every interest, and the quality is exceptional.

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