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A to Z Magnatab Upper Case

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Kids writing their first letters will get helpful up, down and sideways instructions via easy-to-follow arrows. A magnetic stylus pulls beads up to create solid lines. Erase with the tip of a finger.


This wonderful learning tool provides a sensory-reinforced lesson that allows children to process information through their eyes, ears and fingertips. Following directional arrows, kids use the magnetized pen to trace over the letters, numbers or create your own shapes and beads will pop to the surface with audible clicks. Pushing the beads down once again repeats and underscores the learning experience.

Use the magnetized pen to trace over the letters and numbers.

Kids writing their first letters will receive up, down, and sideways instructions.

Magnatabs are engaging toys that are ideal for children to use on their own. The upper case and lower case letters are especially good for kindergarteners learning their ABCs, but they make excellent practice for anyone looking to master penmanship.

Safe and Sound

Made of PVC-, phthalate-, and BPA-free polystyrene plastic, Magnatabs are fully safety tested. The magnet will not come out of the pen, and the holes are designed to be smaller than the beads, so they do not come out of the board.

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