Rainbow Treasures - by Sand Treasures
Sand Treasures

Rainbow Treasures - by Sand Treasures

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  In 1998, Sand Treasures began making its sand excavation hobby kits. Like many other original ideas, they have been imitated, over-packaged, and mass
produced in foreign lands, but this company remains  committed to the minimalist approach, and continues to be made in Ontario. Just soften with water then go
searching for "treasures" from all around the world. 

Rainbow Treasures Contains at least five treasures including a quartz crystal, multi-coloured gemstones, golden pyrite nugget and a world coin. It also has a multitude of smaller shiny gemstones to be excavated. This is a great activity for children aged 4 - 104 (yes I love doing them myself!). They take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete for most children. You have to work to scrape all the pieces out until you have discovered all the treasure - and there is always lots of treasure! The rainbow treasure is particularly colourful and filled with shiny gemstones, a favourite with younger children! (Suitable for ages 4 years and over due to small parts).

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