Tutti Frutti Scented Modelling Dough - 3 Pack with Bonus Molds

Tutti Frutti Scented Modelling Dough - 3 Pack with Bonus Molds

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Tutti Frutti, our famous modelling dough, smells like real fruits, is outstandingly fun to manipulate and does not crumble. Plus, it is rehydratable and can be mixed to create a great variety of colours. The themes developed in the activities are children's favourites and are stimulating. This amazing modelling dough is colourful and smells absolutely spectacular!

Tutti Frutti offers children not only a visual and tactile experience, but one that tickles the end of the nose as well with exciting fruity scents. What could be more entertaining than watching a little person sniff the strawberry scent or blue raspberry scent. Parents, have no fear! Though the dough has an exquisite aroma, curious little explorers are in for a surprise: it has a taste that will make them flinch but is non-toxic. Children will likely taste it, which is totally safe, but they will soon spit it back out, it doesn't taste as good as it smells! It is complete safe and food grade, so any that does get tasted will do no harm at all.
This pack comes with 3 large tubs of Tutti Frutti scented dough, each with a unique, yummy aroma. Mix them together to create new colors and delicious scents, then create SCENT-sational works of art! Each Tutti Frutti tub contains approximately 4.5 oz. 
Includes: Blueberry, Lemon, Cherry. PLUS 3 Molds .


Other playsets available.

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