Castakite - Easy Fly Kite

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 Castakite (TM) is the kite launcher/flyer with a fishing pole design that truly makes kite flying child’s play and something the whole family can enjoy together. With the Castakite EZ Kite Flyer, children as young as 4 years old can know the joy of kite flying without the tangles, line burns and frustration of conventional kite winders and spools.

Parents love that it gets kids away from their screens and off the couch for active, outdoor play. The Castakite also can open up the world of kite flying to wheelchair-bound children, as there's no need to run to catch the wind to send a kite soaring! The fully-assembled flyer comes pre-strung with 150 ft. of quality kite string and packed with a 29” nylon diamond kite (though it works as easily with any 15"-60" kite), so the fun can start right out of the package.


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