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Wooden Stacking Cars Baby & Toddler Toy

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Crafted from select hardwood and accented with child-safe dyes, Stacking Cars feature bright colours, a clever contour that stacks in any combination and easy-roll wheels that are simple for babies and toddlers to spin. They're ideal for young toddlers improving hand-eye coordination and becoming more interested in imitating the real world around them. And with lots of colourful interest and race-ready wheels, these wooden toys will keep older toddlers and preschoolers busy building sorting skills and vocabulary, and initiating a world of imaginative play!

Discover More Ways to Play

  • Talk to your child about the colors on each car and its wheels. Touch each car as you talk about it, and encourage your child to touch the car as well. ("This is a green car with red wheels. Can you pat the red wheels?") Pause between sentences to give your child a chance to touch the car or mimic your speech.

  • Roll a car along the floor, making exaggerated car-play noises. ("Beep-beep! Here we go! Vroooom!") Encourage your child to follow your actions with one of the other two cars.

  • Stack the cars on top of each other, counting as you go.

  • Create a story about one of the cars, narrating its progress as it moves along. ("The red car is driving to the beach. Beep beep! Don't forget your hat! Now let's drive to the grocery store. Should we buy some bananas?")


Product: 6.5" x 4.5" x 2.25"

12 Months +

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