Carousel Cares

Carousel Cares Community Fund is supported by Carousel Kids and it's customers, to allow all members of our community access to quality children's clothing. It exists so members of our community have the chance to shop with dignity and equality for clothes and accessories their children need.

No one accessing the fund will be made to feel different or lesser in anyway. They will have access to the same variety and quality of clothing as everyone else shopping in the store. Using the fund is be 100% confidential.

Donations made to the fund will be increased by Carousel Kids by an additional 10%.
There are a variety of ways to donate and support the fund are by giving monetarily, or by perhaps donating gently used clothes to Carousel Kids and having the profit of those items of a portion of donated to the fund.

If we all gave a little it can go a long way for a child in need. This charity based shopping programming has been running for a few years now and has assisted many families with children in Waterdown and surrounding areas.
For more information please Visit Carousel Cares Facebook Page