Make Believe Ideas Books

Producing fantastic children’s books since early 2004, Make Believe Ideas was founded on a desire to create beautiful, innovative and educational products with an accessible price point. Make Believe Ideas has always believed that quality books should be available to all children, and is passionate about maximising the enjoyment of family reading experiences in this increasingly tech-focused world.

Safety and Testing

  • European and American Standards: Each title is manufactured to European and American standards and passes all testing to EN71 and ASTM for the age of its target audience.


  •  Our Suppliers: We only use highly accredited and audited factories that we visit yearly. No animals or people are endangered or mistreated in the production of our titles.


  •  Lead and Phthalates: All of our titles will pass testing with regards to Lead and Phthalates under CPSIA certification.


  •  Fur and Extras: The ‘fur’ we use is synthetic and every ‘extra’ also has to pass testing to EN71 and ASTM for the age of its targeted audience.


  •  Book codes: All our titles are printed with book codes so they can be traced back to batch source and print run.