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There's so much to do with thinking putty hyper color 2 inch tins. Made in the USA, this silicone based substance is a unique stress reliever that you can stretch, tear, shape, roll, and squish. It's like chewing gum for your hand. Thinking putty is gluten free, easily removed from hard surfaces and completely non toxic. These mini tins make great "trial size" tins, loot bag treats, stocking stuffers and collectables. 

Each of our mini tins does something different. Which will you choose?

Super Fly: A brand new Super Illusions thinking putty with shimmery iridescent black, green, pink and silver tones. A great gift idea. Hold to the light to see the different metallic colours shift.

Krypton: Krypton Thinking Putty DEFINES eerie, outer-space, alien, radioactive green! Charge with sunlight or our Blacklight Keychain for fantastic brightness! Wakeup before sunrise to see it glowing hours later!

Neon Flash: This bright orange putty has added swirls of purple shimmer to lend a psychedelic iridescent effect. Unusually wonderful, great for use as a stress toy, desk fiddly toy and so much more!

 Sunburst: Jumpstart your day with some sunshine! Sunburst Thinking Putty's vibrant orange shifts into an awakening yellow with the touch of your hands or the warmth from your coffee mug.

NEW!! Turn any day into a beach day! Sand & Surf Thinking Putty shimmers with golden glitter and a gleaming aqua sheen. Scented with hints of tropical vanilla, sweet coconut, and fresh ocean air, it’s sure to transport you to your happy place.


Blue Skies:  On a spring day, there’s nothing better than opening up the windows to fluffy white clouds against a bright blue sky. Get that feeling all season long with Blue Skies Thinking Putty. A lovely hue of blue, it changes to white as you play.

Speckled Egg: Speckled eggs have intricate, beautiful patterns that help birds to identify their own. Hatch some fresh ideas with Speckled Egg Thinking Putty. A creamy white with shimmering copper flecks, it features an aqua speckled glow in the dark.

Orange Blossom: Celebrate the beauty of transformation with Orange Blossom Thinking Putty. Named for the fragrant white flowers that bloom in spring and fruit the following autumn, it starts off bright orange and warms to white with just the heat of your hands.

Age 3+

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